What to Look For in Car Seats to Keep Your Child Comfortable and Safe

24 May 2016
 Categories: Relationships & Family, Blog


When shopping for a new car seat for your child, you want to look past the color of the fabric and if it matches your car's interior. Car seats are meant to keep children safe first and foremost, and they may also offer some features that keep children comfortable when in the car and especially for long rides. Note a few of those features to consider so you know your child is safe no matter his or her age or size, and will be comfortable even when on bumpy roads.

1. Reclining

A car seat with various reclining positions can work for children who like to sit up and look around when in the car, and then also for tired children who need to lie back and relax. Choose a car seat with several reclining positions so you can easily adjust them to your child's preference according to their mood and energy levels.

2. Shoulder slot heights

The straps of a car seat should fit your child snugly but they should not cut into your child's shoulders or chest area. It's good to invest in a car seat with several shoulder slot heights for the strap so you can adjust this easily; for a newborn, you'll need to move the strap down to keep him or her secure in the seat, but as your child grows taller and even fills out by gaining weight, you'll want to move that shoulder strap quickly and easily.

3. Thick foam

Very young children especially might be prone to discomfort with every bump in the road, so opt for a car seat with very thick foam, especially for newborns. The foam will absorb bumps and even some of the movement if you were to stop suddenly, keeping your child more comfortable and also allowing them to sleep and rest undisturbed when in the car.

4. Side wings

Shoulder straps will keep a child snug and secure in the car seat in case of an accident, but large side wings will also help to absorb some of the impact if you're in a side collision. Large side wings can also keep your baby more comfortably secured in the car seat when you turn and especially if you turn at high speeds. They might also work to reduce some glare and heat from the sun during summertime, also keeping your baby more comfortable in the car.

Consider having a car seat fitting before making your purchase to see how comfortable the car seat is for your child.